It’s A Dog’s World

For many who know me personally, it’s no surprise that I am an animal lover and that I extend my knowledge of natural healing to my furry friends, whenever possible.

Recently, my beloved pit-bull terrier (an American Staffordshire, to be exact) injured her leg while romping in the yard.  Pit-bulls are notorious for their aggressiveness and lack of self-control, and playing is no exception…they just don’t know when to quit!  In any event, it was obvious that she was in pain, so I went right to my herbal references and discovered that Yucca root is safe for dogs.  I’ve used it myself, to help relieve pain and inflammation, so I gave it a try, and am happy to report that it worked!  Anytime I can avoid medical intervention, it’s worth the effort.

Yucca root is an herb that comes for the plant of the same name which is grown in the Southwest United States and Mexico.  It has been used historically as a food source, among other things, and medicinally to relieve muscle pain and inflammation.  Yucca is a safe alternative to any condition that would benefit from cortisone drugs, and is helpful for relieving many health conditions, including:  arthritis, auto-immune disorders, inflammatory skin conditions, fibromyalgia, neuralgia and neuritis, and adrenal exhaustion.  In herbal medicine, Yucca root is considered an alternative (blood purifier) and analgesic (pain reliever).

Yucca root can be eaten like any other tuber (potatoes, turnips, etc) or dried and powdered into capsules, which is a convenient way to take many herbal medicines.  To learn more about Yucca root, or to order from Nature’s Sunshine, click on “Order Products” and find Yucca root under “Shop Now”

In closing, I’m happy to report that “Lucky” is doing well, and back on the run again after three days of Yucca root ‘therapy’!

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