Herbs for Pets

Our pets deserve the same attention to their health needs as we doours , and providing a nutritious diet with whole foods supplements is a great way to ensure that your pet is getting what they need to stay healthy!  Regardless of what kind of pet you have, be sure to provide the highest quality pet food you can afford.  Artificial colors, flavorings, and chemical additives to any pet food is as harmful to our beloved animals as it is to us!  Read labels carefully.  Ask your Veterenarian for his or her recommendations.

If you are comfortable caring for a sick animal, you may want to consider some whole food supplements for your pet when they are feeling ill.  Our pets get sick, too, and not every illness requires a trip to the vet.  Of course, if you have any doubts about the condition of a sick pet, be sure to consult with your Veteranarian.

Although I am not an expert on the care of animals, I am comfortable treating my cats and dog when they are feeling under the weather.  Here are some of the herbs that I use for my pets.  Please note that if you do give your animals supplements that are made for humans, that you understand how to dose appropriately, as follows:

First, weigh your pet.  Take the recommended adult dose (number of tablets or capsules per day) and divide it by 150 (the average weight of an adult)  Multiply that amount by the weight of your pet.  For example, if a recommended daily dose for an adult is three capsules, 3 divided by 150 equals .02 capsules.  Multiply that by a 25 lb pet (.02 X 25) and the dose would be .5 capsules a day, or ½ of a capsule a day.  You can empty the contents of capsules into your pets food, or give them the tablets whole, if you are lucky enough to have a pet that swallows pills!

Nature’s Sunshine Herbs

ALFALFA – arthritis, allergies, trace minerals, joints, appetite enhancer, general tonic
ALJ – allergies, sinus, food allergies, mucous, asthma
ALL CELL DETOX – cleanses blood, colon, liver at cellular level
ALOE VERA JUICE – ulcerations, healing, soothing, alkalizing
ARTEMISIA COMBINATION – parasites – includes wormwood and mugwort
BIFIDOPHILUS FLORA FORCE – intestinal flora (4 billion/capsule) benefits immunity, milk-free
BLACK OINTMENT – pulls toxins out of skin (boils, acne)
BLACK WALNUT – parasites, worms, skin rashes, ringworm, poison ivy
BONE/SKIN POULTICE – knits bones/sprains, make poultice for skin ulcers
BP-X – blood purifier, skin eruptions, acne, psoriasis
BRONCHIAL FORMULA, AYURVEDIC – lungs, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema
BUTCHER’S BROOM – varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, circulatory
CAPRYLIMUNE – formula for Candida problems, builds immune system
CBG EXTRACT – ear infections and hearing problems related to nerves
CHLOROPHYLL, LIQUID – builds healthy blood, improves body and breath odor, tonic and gentle cleanser. Add a squirt or two to pet’s water dish daily. Cats Magazine mentions using this for strong odor for male show cats.
CO Q10 PLUS – heart, oxygenator, gum disease (30mg. and 75 mg. Available)
CORNSILK – soothing to the urinary system, benefits kidneys and bladder
DEFENSE MAINTENANCE – strengthens the immune system using antioxidants, herbs, vitamins and minerals
DULSE LIQUID – nourishes thyroid gland and supplies trace minerals
E-TEA – immune formula, detox, growths, immune builder (traditional cancer remedy)
ECHINACEA/GOLDEN SEAL – herbal antibiotic alternative, colds, flu
EVERFLEX TABLETS (GLUCOSAMINE COMBINATION) – contains glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and others
EW – conjunctivitis, eye infection, pink eye, cataracts (brew for an eyewash)
GARLIC OIL CAPSULES – natural antibiotic, repels fleas (both human and animal) and parasites
GLUCOSAMINE – rebuilds cartilage, arthritis pain
GOLDEN SALVE – tissue regenerator, fast healer, antibiotic, cuts, wounds
HAWTHORN BERRIES – feeds heart, cleans arteries, pressure (Liquid Available)
HERBAL PUMPKIN – removes parasites while cleansing and lubricating colonHERBAL SLEEP – Hops, Valerian and Passion Flower are in this formula that feeds the nervous system helping a hyper animal or one that is mentally nervous

HORSETAIL – aids calcium assimilation, loosens joints
HSN-W – grow longer and stronger hair and nails, softens skin with silica
HYDRANGEA – kidney stones, gallstones, gout, arthritis
JOINT SUPPORT (FORMERLY JNT-A) – arthritis, bursitis, sore joints
JP-X – bladder & kidney infections, cleanses system
JUNIPER BERRIES – increases urine output without the loss of electrolytes
KELP – feeds thyroid, rich in trace minerals and iodine, increases metabolism
LB EXTRACT – bowel cleanser, constipation, reduces toxicity in body
LBS II – a bowel cleanser, intestinal system support
LIV-J – liver cleanser, blood detox, strengthen gallbladder
LOBELIA – loosens mucus in chest, use extract to rub on, sedative properties
MARSHMALLOW – soothing to sore throats and intestinal, increases and enriches mother’s milk, satisfies longer
MULLEIN – nervous cough, congestion, lymphatic
PERFECT EYES (FORMERLY EYEBRIGHT PLUS) – formula for macular degeneration
RED RASPBERRY – strengthens uterus, aid in labor and delivery; helps prevent hemorrhaging, enriches and increases Colostrum
SAFFLOWERS – moves uric acid; used for gout & swelling
SKELETAL STRENGTH – vitamin/mineral formula for bones, joints, muscles
SKIN DETOX – supports primary eliminative organ: the skin
SLIPPERY ELM – safe, gentle fiber to prevent constipation and settle acid stomach
SPIRULINA – cuts appetite and sugar cravings, hi-protein
STOMACH COMFORT – aids digestive discomfort and acid reflux
STRESS – J – calms and feed nervous system without sleepiness, ADHD
SUGARREG – contains Banaba Leaf, Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Fenugreek, Nopal, Chromium and Vanadium to support the pancreas
SUPER OMEGA 3 EPA – Hi EPA – Essential fatty acids for glandular balance, skin problems, allergies, arthritis, immune builder
THIM-J – increases T cell count, chronic fatigue, energy
THYROID ACTIVATOR – builds thyroid, goiter, boosts metabolism
TS II W/ HOPS – for stressed thyroid, hyperactive
VS-C LIQUID, CHINESE – fights viruses, runny nose. Aids liver and digestion. FIP in cats
YUCCA – natural cortisone, inflammation, rheumatism

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